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T method strategy for measurement conversions

T-Method for Measurement Conversions

Students struggle with doing measurement conversions, especially when they have to work with adding and subtracting those measurements first.  When my students have worked through word problems that asked for the units in a specific way, they often struggle to remember to convert between units and struggle to add and subtract correctly.  When teaching elapsed time, I originally always taught it with the backwards N (which is the same as the zoom method) and with

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Area and Perimeter unit

Elving Around with Area & Perimeter

December is usually the point in the year where I’m sort of freaking out about state testing coming up in spring.  So much seems to be happening, the unknown of snow days in winter is looming, and I start to stress about not having enough time.  I try to incorporate fun tasks into our days to keep engagement high and the holidays are a great way to bring fun into our learning while keeping things

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