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Ideas to help kids to Restate the Question in the Answer

Getting kids to restate the question in the answer is a skill that most teachers expect from their students. It helps to make sure students are writing in complete sentences. It helps students answer the specific question that is being asked, as well. In my class, I use the acronym PQA (Put the Question in the Answer). After hearing from teachers from all over, I realized that 1) Many people don’t call restating the question

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African-American Heroes

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is obviously recognized with a national holiday.  In my area, some schools observe it with the day off, and some schools are in session to learn more about him and the Civil Rights movement.  With Black History month being just after, it’s also a great time to be intentional about teaching about other influential African-Americans that helped to create positive change in our country. I have tried to be intentional

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