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I Am Thankful For Thanksgiving Writing Activity

I am thankful for... Thanksgiving writing activity and computer screen

With Thanksgiving around the corner you might be looking for seasonal writing activities. With this year being what it is, I wanted to design a digital Thanksgiving writing activity so it could work in any school setting: traditional in person, hybrid, or virtual learning. I am not a big celebrator of Thanksgiving. It’s a complicated holiday. I do, however, focus my Thanksgiving work in the classroom around being thankful. Our conversations in the classroom revolve around being thankful for immaterial things- friends, family, opportunities, etc. This “I am Thankful for” is a great writing task accompanied with those conversations.

I am thankful for Thanksgiving Writing activity with text, name, and student image

This I am Thankful for… Thanksgiving writing activity is ready for use in Google Slides. If you use Google Classroom (see my post on Using Google Classroom), use the single version to make a copy for each student to update their own. Otherwise, use the class version and assign each student their own number to work on. Each Slide can be printed traditionally, or shared digitally as a jpeg. To save, go to file – download- jpeg, and you can email or share the image with parents. If you used the single version, you can create a class slideshow by adding the jpegs into one Slides or Powerpoint file.

This Thanksgiving writing activity comes in two different styles: script print and a primary focused print. The simpler, primary print is perfect for young students in kindergarten or first grade. The script print can be used in any grade. An editable name box is built in and ready. Have students personalize their work by adding a picture, the year, or anything else to make it their own. Students get practice using the different tools in Google Slides and becoming more proficient in their technology skills by typing, changing font size, adding pictures, or adding additional clipart.

You can access this digital Thanksgiving writing activity through my newsletter exclusive freebie library. If you’re not already a subscriber, sign up below. After confirming, you’ll be sent an email with a link and login instructions. Also, check out my other Thanksgiving blog posts.



I am thankful for digital writing activity text and computer monitor with picture of writing assignment


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