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2018 Printable Calendars

Last year I created my own monthly calendars and used them both at home and at school.  I had a lot of requests to share my 2018 Calendars with you all, so I’m sharing them here with you today along with some of the ideas for how I use them.  They’re black and white so they’re easy on the ink, and they’re a pretty simple look so they can be used for virtually anything you need.


We do AR in my building and it’s important for me to have students being mindful of their quiz scores.  I use these calendars as a reading log for my students, so they record their score on the date on the calendar.  This helps students keep track of their goal and their progress.

January 2018 Calendar


If you are doing a daily intervention with a student that requires weekly or daily progress monitoring, these calendars are nice to have to record the days you met for intervention, and the score the student received on their assessment.  Just write the student’s name and store in a folder or a binder.  When it’s time to meet on the data, you’ll have it compiled neatly.

February 2018 calendar


If you run a choice based reading or math workshop, these calendars can be helpful to have students record which centers, or choices, they attend each day.  This will help students ensure they’re going to each center, or attending a variety of centers, instead of just their couple favorites.


Goal setting with students can be motivating and meaningful if introduced in positive and exciting ways.  Because these calendars are simple and straightforward, students can use these to track just about any classroom goal.  Scores, frequency, blurts, etc. the simple setup means that they can fit virtually anything you want to use them for.

March 2018 Printable Calendar

You can download my 2018 Printable Calendars by clicking here.

To find the 2019 calendars click here.

2018 Monthly Printable Calendars


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