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Creating Checklists with Google Sheets

Creating Checklists with Google Sheets with student checklist display on computer

Organization can be so difficult in a digital setting. For those of us that haven’t grown up in a digital world, it can be such a mental shift to try and fit within the digital setting. While digital tools can be incredibly effective and time-saving, they also can be a hindrance if they’re not used effectively. I’m lucky to have come into adulthood as the internet started becoming commonplace, and I’ve been able to utilize digital tools to make my life easier. When we moved from traditional learning to distance learning last spring, I was fairly comfortable pivoting. I relied on digital tools such as Google Keep, Slides, and Sheets to allow me to teach effectively and stay organized. Google Sheets was such a lifesaver for staying organized! I created checklists with Google Sheets and was able to track student information quickly and easily for the duration of our distance learning.

Google Sheets allowed me to track student attendance and work completion- and use one spreadsheet to track weeks at a time. Google Sheets, and even Excel, can be so intimidating for people, especially if you think of it only as a spreadsheet tool. But there are so many formulas and built-in capabilities that allow Sheets to be an essential organizational tool. A basic checklist can be made with Google Sheets in just a few clicks. But, the real power comes from bringing your student checklist to the next level. This video tutorial walks you through creating student checklists with Google Sheets and gives you tips and tools for making your tracking checklist work for you.

If you’re looking for other video tutorials for digital settings, follow my YouTube channel. All of my video tutorials I post here on my blog, I also post there. You can also check out all of my Google posts.



  • I am so excited for these Google Checklists to help me stay better prepared for this upcoming year.

  • Thank you so much for creating this video. I learned so much from it. I will be sharing it with my teaching staff next week. As a principal, I plan to use it to help track the completion of my staff evaluations. Thank you!

  • This was so easy! Your video was very detailed and easy to follow. Thank you for sharing.

  • Thank you so much for this detailed tutorial for creating a Google Sheets checklist. In a short amount of time, you taught me so many features of Google Sheets that I was not aware of, but each tip was exactly what I needed in my own checklist.

  • O.M.G.

    Let me just say that I am quite good at using tech in the classroom and you have taught me SO MUCH with that short tutorial. The possibilities of this are limitless and I’m even thinking of ways to use it for my family life/ budgeting/ all the things!!!


    • Oh you are very welcome! I love finding new ways to use Excel/Sheets to make my life easier!


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