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Do you Audible?

Are you familiar with Audible?

Audible is Amazon’s Audiobook company.  They offer over 180,000 titles.  Children’s books, young adult fiction, romance, you name it and Audible carries it.
As like so many other teachers, I have a long commute to work each day (almost 30 minutes each way).  I’m often still so wrapped up in the stress of my day that I’m unable to leave work at work.  I started listening to Audible through my phone while driving (it syncs with my car stereo via Bluetooth).  Listening to a book helps me unattach myself from work and the neverending to do list.  It lets me relax before I come home.  I often don’t have time to read during the school year and this allows me to catch up with a few of my favorite authors.
There are also a multitude of popular children’s books and I’m looking into using it in my classroom as part of my read aloud as the students follow along in their copies.  I think changing it up from time to time helps keep students’ interest.  I was super excited to see that they’ve expanded their books with synchronized images so the books can be shown to students as they are listening.  These are PERFECT for listening centers if you have Kindle Fires or other tablets in your classroom.
Audible has a full year subscription program, and one where you can get two books per month instead of one. has Audible coupon codes which helps make the price tag a little easier on the budget.  Head on over to to try Audible out for yourself for free!

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