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My Favorite Maxi Dresses for Teachers from Amazon

Amazon finds maxi dresses text in the middle between two dark colored, floral maxi dresses

Maxi dresses have long been a favorite of mine to wear both in and out of the classroom.  Maxis are so versatile and can be worn in summer, fall, and spring.  By adding a sweater or jean jacket, you change it up and give yourself some variety throughout the year.  I also love how comfortable they are!  Unlike some other dresses, most maxi dresses aren’t tight and pull on my midsection or hips so I don’t have to do as much adjustment throughout the day. They also are flattering!  I have to find specific styles that flatter my body type, but I’ve always have been successful with maxi dresses.  These maxi dresses are perfect for teachers, or anyone who is looking for some new dresses to add to their collections.

Because it can be so hard to find items on Amazon, and products often move around, I wanted to share my favorite maxi dresses with you to help you in your search.  Amazon has a lot of clothing options, and they’re often very affordable. Each of these maxi dresses I’ve tried and loved personally.  These aren’t dresses I searched and picked blindly.  With each dress I’ve included detailed information on what I like best about it, or what may be problematic for you.  I’ve included the specific dress from the specific seller I purchased from.  The same item is often replicated throughout stores while quality and material doesn’t stay consistent.  All of these dresses run true to size in my experience.  Look at the size charts in the images or product descriptions (not Amazon’s size charts) just to make sure what you buy should fit you.

I have a Prime membership and that means I get items shipped to me super quickly and for free.  I like that I can order several things, try them on, and send back what I don’t want to keep without much of a hassle.  Sometimes I order the same item in two different sizes knowing one of them will be returned.  I also like that I can just put each item back into its bag and drop it off at the UPS store in town without having to do anything with boxing it up.  Just bring the return receipt on your phone and they scan it!  I know Amazon has an agreement for drop offs at Kohls too!

Throughout the post are Amazon affiliate links so I earn a small portion from sales from clicks from this post, at no cost to you.  All of the opinions are my true opinions on each of the products, as I already have returned anything that I don’t like.

Grace Karin Strapless Ruched Maxi Dress with Pockets

Strapless maxi dress with ruching along bust and empire waist seam. The dress is a floral and fruit pattern with a focus on yellow and green on a black background.

I really love this strapless maxi! It fits so well and the ruching and waist band are super flattering on my wide hips. Because it’s strapless, I wear a sweater with it to work. I love that I can wear this dress to work, or out and about in the summer. It comes in 34 different patterns with a variety of patterns and single colors.

Happy Sailed Floral Print Off Shoulder Maxi Dress

I absolutely love this dress!  I just got it this summer and I’ve worn it a few times already.  It flows away from the body so it doesn’t hug the features I’d like to hide a bit.  The ruffle along the chest stays put thanks to the small sleeves that are included.  I also like where the banding lies across the bust helping keep things flowy.  This is definitely not a traditional teacher maxi dress, but with a jean jacket in late fall to cover your shoulders, it would be a perfect classroom look.  The dress comes in a couple floral patterns and a few solid prints as well.

April 2023: This product link is to a different dress that’s similar but not the same. It is also no longer eligible for Prime and has a small shipping fee. It was Prime the two separate times I’ve ordered it, so keep checking back.

AuseLily Women’s Summer Sleeveless Maxi Dress

This dress was surprisingly good, plus it has pockets!  I was really concerned about the white in the damask print, but since I love damask I wanted to try it anyway.  The white was not at all see through and the bottom was heavy enough that it still hid what needs to be hidden.  Having white bottoms is always a risk, and this dress came through.  The heavier material on the bottom balanced nicely with the lighter material on the top.  The band on this dress runs across the middle so if you’re concerned with where empire dresses fit on your midsection, this may not be the dress for you.  The dress comes in a few different prints on the bottom, and also comes in a solid.  If you order the solid, I’m not sure what the bottom fabric will be, and if it’s the same lighter one on the top, it may not be the same sort of benefits.  I recommend ordering one of the prints.

OUGES V-Neck Maxi Dress

This was the first dress I bought on Amazon and it was such a success it made me have confidence in buying more.  I purchased it in the short sleeves shown here but it’s also available as a sleeveless.  The dress is heavy, but not too heavy, making it both comfortable and flattering.  This dress feels soft and slinky, but even with that, it covers well.  The wrapping around the midsection also helps keep this dress flattering.  And, once again, it has pockets!  This is a bit nicer than the maxis I typically wear to school, but it’s not so much that it seems out of place.  I do wear a cami at school because the neck comes a little lower than I like for work. The dress is also available with a small strap and a slit, but it’s different enough from the one I’ve purchased that I can’t speak to its quality. I also share a knee length dress from OUGES in my Knee Length Dresses for Teachers post.

Zattcas Bohemian Wrap Bodice Sleeveless Crossover Maxi Dress

This dress reminds me a lot of the OUGES dress above.  The prints and the feel of the dress are similar.  I like that this dress is a wrap as I think that helps it fit in all the right places. The tie around the waist also helps hide and accentuate the right things.  The neck isn’t very low cut despite being a wrap so I don’t worry about covering anything.  The dress is cute and comfortable and is perfect for going back to school in August, or with a sweater or jacket for later in fall. The fabric doesn’t have a cotton feel but more of a polyester, smooth finish. I like the fabric because I think it helps the dress lay nicely.

April 2023 update: Zattcas no longer offers this exact maxi dress. I’m going to continue to keep an eye out in their inventory and hope it comes back!

Zattcas sleeveless wrap maxi dress

Zattcas Sleeveless Maxi Dress with Pockets

This is another Zattcas dress. This simple and straightforward maxi is cute and comfortable. The size seemed to be ever so slightly small so I’d recommend sizing up one if possible, especially if you like your maxi dresses flowy. The patterns are adorable and can be dressed up or down with accessories. Unlike the previous one, this one is a lighter cotton material.

Floral Maxi Dress with pockets from Amazon

This Zattcas dress is also not available in 2023. I am going to keep tabs on their stock to hopefully relink it later!

ViiShow Short Sleeve Maxi Dress with Pockets

For a simple style maxi dress (that usually don’t work for my body) I was impressed with this one.  The banding hit me well to keep it flattering, and it flowed nicely over my hips.  If you haven’t noticed, I’m a big fan of dresses with pockets. This maxi dress has pockets that fit in the right place.  It’s thin, but not too thin, so it’s great for hot days. My only negative for this dress is that the print stretches a bit across the bust.  If you have a larger chest, this might not be the dress for you as the print may stretch too much, if it’s too tight.  The dress comes in several different prints, but also in a variety of solid colors.

Viishow blue floral cap sleeves maxi dress

VIIShow has so many dresses I love! I’ve also recently purchased this knee length dress, with a ruffled sleeve. It reminds me so much of a short version of this maxi. I love it! You can see more knee length dresses at my Knee Length Dresses for Teachers post.

Huskary V Neck Spaghetti Strap Maxi Dress

Adjustable floral maxi dress from Amazon

This is a new find and I loved this dress so much I knew I needed to add it to this post. I absolutely love my new Huskary dress! The fabric is a thicker linen. The thickness allows the dress to lay nicely on its own, but it’s not too hot that’d be hot in summer. Plus, because it lays away from the body, it’s also cooler. My favorite part of this dress, though, is the straps. The straps are completely adjustable as you tie the dress. This allows you to place the bust seam where you’d like it, and tie the straps to secure everything. Because the straps are so thin and everything is tied in the back, this dress is likely not part of your school dress code. But, with a sweater or a jean jacket in cooler weather, it’d be perfect!

Amazon floral maxi dress

I will continue adding to this post as I buy, try, keep, and love different maxi dresses from Amazon.  I continue to share my favorites from Amazon, favorites for both in and out of the classroom, on my Amazon storefront.


Favorite Maxi Dresses for teachers from Amazon

Favorite Amazon maxi dresses for teachers


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