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My Truth Monday: Favorite App

I’m linking up again with Denise from Sunny Days in Second Grade for her My Truth Monday.  This week is your favorite app.

I spent a while thinking.  I probably most love Pinterest.  I’m a teensy bit obsessed.  I’ve recently spent a lot of hours browsing their humor feed laughing to myself hysterically.  Seriously, if you’re having a bad day, check it out.  Or, you can follow my I Loled board here.

I’m also obsessed with Facebook.  It’s really unhealthy, honestly.  I have to check in with my real life friends and blogger friends on a daily basis.  I’m constantly on there just checking in and making sure I’m not missing anything.  I have major #FOMO!

But the other app that I’ve been using a lot is Feedly.  I have it on my phone, on my new Kindle Fire, and I go to the website from my computer sometimes.  Mainly, though, it’s when I’m reading blogs in bed.  Because I don’t know about you, but most days I’m snuggled like a bug in a rug by 8:30!  I know everyone got excited about BlogLovin when Google Reader went away {*tear*}, but I’ve just never been feeling it.  Feedly’s it for me!

 When I sign in, I see all the blogs I follow in order of the most recent post.  That doesn’t really entice me though since I follow 9 million blogs!

 Here, I can go to specific blogs, see who’s posted recently, and look at specific blogs by category.  I basically have food, and then teaching stuff.    I like that I can just choose a few to check when I have a few minutes.

 Here’s what I see after I select a blog.  It shows me the most recent post with the first picture.  This is super awesome with food blogs because I can see if it’s something I want to read.  I’m completely visual, so I’m able to scroll through my food blogs really quickly.  If I want to check this post out, I just click and it takes me there.  If I don’t, or after I’m done, I just swipe up and it sends me to either the next one, or it groups a few together with smaller pictures.
After I’ve finished reading all the posts from a blog, it gives me this screen.  I just tap and it marks them all as read.  It’s super nice to do quick visual scans of the posts I want to read.
I love using Feedly and I love that it’s so easy to use from any device!  I hope you enjoy it too!
To check out more apps, click the image below to head to Sunny Days in Second Grade’s linky!



  • I love Feedly too! It's how I read all of the blogs I follow…on my iPad, iPhone or computer. I love the save feature too so I can go back and reread posts later. It's awesome! 🙂

  • Tessa,
    Thanks for posting this! I have followed you for so long and just love your posts and ideas 🙂 I just started my own blog and was thinking about adding a Feedly's button. You have sold me on that decision! Have a great holiday!


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