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Word Walls

I loved Mary’s ideas for using licorice to make learning more engaging- perfect for those kinesthetic learners!  I’m crazy excited to have the phenomenal Miss Kindergarten as a guest today.  Hadar is one of the first bloggers I found, and I’m so glad that I’ve gotten to know her over the last few months!  I know you’ll love what she’s sharing with you today!

Hi everyone! I’m Hadar from Miss Kindergarten and I’m excited to be guest blogging for Tessa today! Tessa is such an amazing blogger and friend! She is so inspirational, so I feel extra special being here today! Today I’m going to share with you about an integral part of any primary aged classroom and how I use word walls in my class.

Word Walls

Make them large and an important part of your classroom! Your students will not only learn the importance of words and how they play a role in our everyday lives, but they can also use word walls as a reference in writing, reading and more!

Here are some tips on how to create word walls in your classroom!

Incorporate pictures and letters into your word walls:
Add your students names and pictures onto your word walls.
Words to know by heart:
Set up word walls for different grade levels. Each grade level has their own color:
Display a board of sight words:

The wonderful Debbie Clement has a whole blog post dedicated to different word walls she’s see. To see even more word walls click {here}

Important things to remember:

1. Start your word wall by adding the students’ names in your class.
Have your students help you decide where their name belongs. It is a
great way to teach letter to sound correspondence and helps your
students feel like they are a part of the class.
2. Always teach a word before adding it to the word wall.  In
order for the word wall to benefit your students, they need to know
what words are on the wall. If your theme for the week is color words,
add the words as you teach each color. 
3. Practice reading words from the wall.
I love using songs in the classroom, so I came up with some songs to
practice reading words from our word wall. I use these songs when we
have a few minutes left at the end of the day, or during a transition
into a new lesson.
You can get a copy of my word wall songs by clicking on the picture below:

I hope this was helpful!


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