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Easy Prep 3rd Grade Math Games that Make Learning Fun

Easy Prep 3rd Grade Math Games

Are you a third grade teacher looking for additional math resources for this year? This round up of 3rd grade math games features some of my classroom favorites. I love to use math games in class to work on number sense and build fact fluency. I also like to use games to give students computation practice in an engaging way. Each of these  is easy to prep- often just print and go or assign and go options. I’m always looking for ways to save myself time and energy so I like to keep things as easy to use as possible. Keep on reading to grab some new, fun 3rd grade math games that are sure to bring some excitement to your math instruction!

Digital Multiplication Bump

Bump is a well-known partner game that’s typically played on a printed gameboard. You can find many versions out there- both with seasonal themes and general ones. When we first went online in 2020, I was looking for ways to continue to work on my students’ fact fluency. Since we typically work on fact fluency through classroom game play, I brainstormed how we could continue those games online. Digital Multiplication Bump came out of that need. I detailed more about it in my Free Digital Multiplication Bump post.

Multi-colored multiplication bump digital board game with recording sheet, counters, and digital dice all on a laptop screen on a desk

Since then, I’ve continued to use the digital versions in my classroom. Students can play side by side on their device. Or, they can play together by sharing one computer. Part of what I really like about it, is that it gives students a game they can play at home with their families. Since students take home their devices each night, they always have it available to them.

I have 3 different versions available: Multiplication Bump Factors to 6 Freebie, Multiplication Bump Factors to 10, and Multiplication Bump Factors to 12. The free version is great to try out and see how the game works. By focusing on the numbers on a traditional die, students get a lot of exposure with multiplication with factors from 1-6. The paid versions, however, have intentional practice with the range of factors. This is perfect for working on fact fluency with specific factors throughout the year. A great way to use this version is to play one version per week- giving kids repeated practice with a specific factor through game play. This helps to add that fact to students’ long-term memory for easy retrieval later.

5 in a Row

5 in a Row is my favorite thing I’ve ever created- and I think my students think so too. What started out as a fact fluency game, has turned into much more than that. I’m always working to add versions practicing additional math standards. My students love playing and will literally BEG for us to play when we have a few minutes to fill. My 3rd Grade Math Games Bundle has 9 different sets included with 33 total game versions! Fluency is a component of the game, so the skills included are ones where quick retrieval is beneficial. You can change the speed of the game, however, so it can be played at the speed most beneficial for your students. These are some of my 3rd graders’ favorites games!

5 in a Row is easy to play! You print the gameboards and cut twice to make them into strips. Then, launch the game on Powerpoint. That’s it! It’s so easy to prep! I keep a stack of gameboards printed in my classroom, so we’re ready to play at any time. I always have a variety of skills prepped so we can work on different skills each time we play. This makes it easy to play as a fill-in during down time, but I try to play several times a week by carving out time in my math block. Depending on the game version, you can play one game in less than 5 minutes. That includes time for board distribution and checking answers.

The best part of 5 in a Row? The super awesome randomize feature that makes every round you play different! This keeps things exciting for students, and ensures they’re working on a range of content with every game play. You can find out more about 5 in a Row and how it’s played in my blog post. But let’s take a closer look at my 3rd Grade Math Games bundle.

Multiplication & Division Fact Fluency

6 x 7 displayed on a classroom screen with tables underneath

I have 3 different game versions that work on building multiplication & division fact fluency: Multiplication Facts 0-12, Division Facts 0-12, and mixed Multiplication and Division. Each version has four different games included so that factors are broken up into manageable chunks. They’re broken down into factors 0-5, factors 6-10, factors 0-10, and factors 0-12. I always begin playing with Multiplication 0-5 and build up students’ proficiency and confidence. I then often switch the division because making that transfer can be so difficult for many students. As students become more proficient with their facts, I switch the 6-10 version. As a third grade teacher, I don’t play the 0-10 version until the very end of the year.

I have the game versions bundled and discounted. My Multiplication & Division 5 in a Row Game Bundle is available in my TpT shop.

Place Value & Number Sense Games

I also have several versions that work on building place value and number sense skills. While we wouldn’t often think of them as fluency activities, we also want students to become fluent with them. The speed component sometimes helps with overthinking. It helps students go with their first thought. At the end of the day, though, it’s another way to give students practice in an engaging setting. The speed can be increased several seconds if students need additional thinking time so that speed isn’t really a component of the game. This helps ensure students don’t get stressed by the time component, but it keeps the game as autoplay without you having to click through.

Place Value to 1,000 5 in a Row practices standard, expanded, word form, and base ten representations with 3-digit numbers. 6 different game versions are included with 2 versions of each type: base ten blocks, expanded form, and word form. Play more than one version in a day to practice several skills.

Mental Math to 100 5 in a Row is one of my favorite number sense building games. I’ve used it in 1st through 3rd grades and have found it tough for each of the grades. Students build number sense skills as they skip count the numbers shown to identify the number. This helps build their fluency switching between numeric places, building an understanding between ones, tens, and hundreds. One of the versions includes counting by 25 to help build students’ skills with counting coin values.

Skip counting coin values game displayed on classroom interactive board


Fractions Games

Fractions are a foundational 3rd grade skill. I’m always looking for additional ways to work on fractions in engaging ways because my students need lots and lots of practice. I currently have 2 different fractions versions in the 3rd Grade Bundle: Fractions of a Shape and Fractions on a Number Line.

Fractions of a Shape 5 in a Row has students identify the fraction shown by the partitioned and shaded shape. Then, they match it with the fraction on their gameboard. This free version is a great way to try out 5 in a Row in your classroom! It gives you a chance to try it out with a typically somewhat easy skill. Because it’s free, it’s a great game to use to be sure it works well for your classroom systems. You can download Fractions of a Shape 5 in a Row to try it out today.

Fractions of a Shape 5 in a Row

Fractions & Mixed Numbers on a Number Line  includes 4 different fractions games. One version includes practice with fractions less than one on a number line. Another includes mixed numbers with fractions larger than 1. Each game has included fractions represented on the number line. It also includes versions with only one fraction represented, upping the complexity of the task.

Fractions & Mixed Numbers on a Number Line game

Multiplication Roll & Cover

Roll & Cover is another well known game that’s pretty similar to Bump. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s pretty simple to prep and play. Students roll 2 dice, or roll one twice, and multiply the numbers together. Then, they cover the product on their gameboard. The first player to cover their board is the winner. Students can play on duplicate versions of the same gameboard, or each student can play with a different set of numbers. The only materials needed are dice and counters. I love easy prep games that build students’ fact fluency with continued play and Multiplication Roll & Cover is great. You can download 10 gameboards for free by filling out the form below. They’ll be sent straight to your inbox!



Roll & Round

Roll & Round is a fun partner game that practices rounding to the nearest 100 or rounding to the nearest 1,000. Each partner has a different objective- rounding to 0, or to 100/1000. After rolling the dice, players try to create a number that rounds to his/her specific objective. The version that rounds to the nearest 100 only works with two digit numbers, whereas the version that rounds to 1,000 works with three digit numbers.

Roll & Round to 100 game printed on a clipboard with dice and a pencil

Roll & Round helps build students’ number sense as students have to reason through which number they should create out of their possibilities. It also helps work on rounding. A number line is included with the middle placement, to help support students that need it.

Roll & Round is ready to play upon printing. Just add a dice, or several, and go! This is great to play on laminated pages, in a sheet protector, or a dry-erase sleeve. Download Roll & Round to try it out today!

Left Right Learn

Left Right Learn is a simple, easy prep game that you’ll want to add to your 3rd grade math games collection. All you need is a game piece for each player- I love to use mini erasers! Students draw a card, solve the fact, and move given the directions on the stated card. It’s a fun way to give students ongoing practice with multiplication facts. I have two different versions. The free one practices facts 0-5. I love to use this early in the year to give students repetitive practice with these facts. I find that multiplication feels less overwhelming when they feel confident with a bank of facts. We spend a good amount of timing working with facts 0-5 before transitioning to working with others.

Multiplication Facts 0-5 Left Right Learn is available for free from my TpT store.

Multiplication Facts 0-5 Printable Game

I also have another version that works with Multiplication Facts from 0-10. 5 different games are included. Because each card practices a range of facts, students get new practice with every play. My favorite part of Left Right Learn is how simple it is to prep. Just print, and cut out the gamecards. Of course, you can also laminate the boards and/or cards. If I print on colored paper, or cardstock, I usually don’t worry about laminating. I like to put the gamecards in a cup or bag and we’re ready to play. You can take a closer look at Multiplication Facts 0-10 Left Right Learn in my TpT store.

Multiplication Facts 0-10 Printable Game

I hope you’ve found some new 3rd grade math games to incorporate into your independent practice. Games are a great way to build student skills in fun and engaging ways.

3rd Grade Math Games that are easy to prep


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