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3 Free Multiplication Games to Build Fact Fluency

3 Free Multiplication Games text and Left Right Learn printable game with school supplies next to Multiplication Bump on computer screen

Learning multiplication facts comes through repetitive exposure. My favorite way to build my students’ multiplication fact mastery is through playing games. When they’re playing, they stay engaged which helps them learn both their own facts and those of their partner. Games allow them to practice their facts without really even feeling like they are. Some facts students will know, and others they’ll have to use strategies to solve and find. Each of these games works with multiplication facts to 5 or multiplication facts to 6. Being intentional with these facts and practicing to mastery, there are very few other facts students left for students to learn. It’s through repetitive practice that students learn new facts, and playing games are a great way to commit them to long-term memory. Here’s a look at some free multiplication games that are ready to be played with just a couple additional pieces.

Digital Multiplication Bump Game

Bump is one of my favorite multiplication fact fluency games! When students went home in March of 2020, I started looking for engaging ways I could get my 3rd graders to work on their multiplication facts. Digital Multiplication Bump was my solution! At the time, I started playing with my kids on Zoom one at a time. As they got used to playing a two-person game within Google Slides, I started having them play together. It was a great way to bring kids together on Zoom. It also helped them work on their multiplication facts in a way that excited them.

In the years since, I’ve continued to have my students play Multiplication Bump digitally. By assigning it to them on Google Classroom, they always have it available to them, even at home. We talk about it being a great way they can practice their multiplication facts at home by playing with an adult or someone else available. Because the dice are built into Google Slides, all they need to play is their device! I love that once we introduce it and play it in class, it becomes an easy at-home reinforcement option too!

Multi-colored multiplication bump digital board game with recording sheet, counters, and digital dice all on a laptop screen on a desk

My Free Digital Multiplication Bump uses a digital, traditional 6-sided dice. I find this version is a great introduction to the game, and really helps students work on mastering their first sets of multiplication facts. You can head to TpT to download my Free Digital Multiplication Bump and get a feel for how it’s played.

Multiplication Left Right Learn

Left Right Learn is a fun, partner game I created over 10 years ago now! It’s simple. Students draw a card, solve the fact, and move the corresponding spaces left or right based on the card’s direction. While the spaces are few in the game, students will stay engaged through the frustration of having to go back when they were oh-so-close!

Multiplication facts game "Left Right Learn" game board and 3 playing cards laid out with various school supplies and a backpack

Left Right Learn allows you to choose how to best play. Students can return each card to the bin immediately, or hold it in a discard pile until new cards or needed. Another modification you can make to game play is expectation of correct facts. If a student is incorrect, he/she is unable to move. I would recommend only playing this way after students have had significant practice with their facts. Of course, this also means some students may intentionally give wrong answers if they don’t want to move left! This presents a new challenge in the game.

You can download my Multiplication Facts 0-5 Left Right Learn from TpT for free. If you enjoy it, you might also be interested in my Multiplication Facts 0-10 game. There are 4 game versions, each practicing a range of multiplication facts.

Multiplication Roll & Cover Game

Roll & Cover is a simple game that is similar to Bump. Playing is easy! Students roll 2 dice and multiply the numbers together. Then, they cover the product. Play continues until the whole board is covered. Partners can play against each other by having copies of the same board, or differing boards, to see who can fill their board first. I have 10 game versions for 6-sided dice to download for free. Just fill out the form below and they’ll be sent straight to your email after confirmation.


Multiplication game with dice Multiplication Roll & Cover



These free multiplication games are perfect additions to your math centers, or even for a whole class math game time. Each one is ready to play with minimal additions. For more ways to practice multiplication, including ones you can play using traditional games you can find at Dollar Tree, read my 5 Games to Build Multiplication & Division Fact Fluency post. Looking for more math games? Check out my 3rd Grade Math Games post.

3 Free Multiplication Facts Games text and printable Left Right Learn game set up ready to play


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