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Google Forms: A Video Tutorial

A video tutorial for Google Forms: Creating self-grading assignments with immediate feedback for students!

I love using Google Forms in my classroom!  From surveys of students, to academic practice and assessments, Forms are easy to use and share with students.  With an increase in online learning, or e-learning, Forms are an ever-popular option for teachers. They have a variety of question types, can provide feedback to students, can be embedded in existing website, or sent and shared with students using Classroom. The ease and versatility of Google Forms make them one of my favorite digital learning tools to use with my students.

My favorite reason for using Google Forms is that I can set the form up to be self-grading- or nearly self-grading.  By creating the Form as a quiz, I can provide answer feedback for students’ correct, and incorrect, answer choices.  The feedback tool allows common mistakes to be anticipated and addressed right away.  Videos can also be linked as answer feedback which allows for quick tutorials on incorrect answers. This is especially helpful if students are working on independent practice or review before an assessment.

Google Forms can also be used to compile information or data.  During e-learning, I have students complete a form to indicate the book they independently read that day.  The information is then compiled into a spreadsheet that I can use in many different ways. I can sort books based on fiction or non-fiction choices. I can sort books based on student so I can overall look at the book choices of an individual student.  I can find common books read by many students and pull a quick book talk group or literature circle.

This video tutorial walks you through customizing the appearance and questions on forms, and how to set up quizzes so that your form is self-grading.

Now that you have the basics of Google Forms down, you may also like to watch my video tutorial on using Forms with Google Classroom. Head on over to that post to watch that video.

Google Forms with Google Classroom: A video tutorial

I also recently posted a video tutorial on how to get started with Google Classroom.  You can watch my Video Introduction to Google Classroom at the post below.

A Video Introduction to Google Classroom

You may also want to take a look at my other teacher Tips & Strategies and Technology Tips. I also offer a variety of Google designed products in my TpT store that are ready for use!  You can see more about my digital Google products there.
A video tutorial for Google Forms

Getting started with Google Forms in the Classroom A Video Tutorial for using Google Forms in the Classroom



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