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Guided Reading Organization and Planning Tips with kidney shaped table

Guided Reading: Organization and Planning Tips

As a first and second grade teacher, my guided reading time is probably the most important and crucial time of my day.  It’s where the magic happens: where students become readers.  It also can be cumbersome and quickly dominate my planning time.  I’ve had up to 6 different reading groups at a time with levels ranging from A to M in first grade!  That’s a ton of levels to plan for, a ton of skills

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Managing your Small Group Schedule Display

Small Group Instruction Management

I’ve changed up my small group and centers rotation display several times over the years. My first year, my partner teacher and I grouped between classes so we had several groups to manage. Our set up looked something like this (but with quite a few more places the students actually went to) and with three rotations each day. Every morning I’d move the center rotation cards so the students knew where they’d go when since

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Guided Reading Notes

For years I struggled with how to best record my observations and guided reading notes.  I have looked at lots of different ideas online, and have tried several out in my own classroom.  But, I always keep coming back to the simplicity of this form. I developed it several years ago when working with the kindergarten teachers in my building.  Their lesson plans for guided reading are stored separately, by book, and they needed the

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