2017 Printable Calendars

2017 Printable Calendars

Over the last several months I’ve been using printable calendars in several different ways in my classroom and at home.  I went to download January in anticipation of the new month (I’m on top of my game by 2 days, shocking!) and decided to just create my...

An Art Filled Halloween

I work at an arts integration magnet school.  We’re all at various levels of comfort with our art integration and I am often looking for new and different ways to incorporate the arts into our day.  Part of our job as classroom teachers isn’t just to have...

Quick Tips for Back to School

When I think of my struggles and frustrations from my first few years in the classroom, many of it revolved around all of the materials and resources I was accumulating and where the heck it was all supposed to go.  I tend to get behind and bogged down during the year...

Calendar in the Primary Classroom

Since I’m moving from third grade to first grade for next year (and then I’ll loop with my kids twice up through third grade) I’ve spent my summer organizing all of my materials, looking for what I’ll need, and setting up my classroom in a...



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